by Samuel Tharmaratnam


(March 11, 2012 )
- Errors in the game when moving it from the old kernel to the new one, that allowed you to log into the same character more than once....had to be fixed and it was. Enjoy
- Readded the Whisper button. It works for me, test for bugs guys :)

(February 14, 2012 )
- Added DarkEnigma's gravesite to Phantasia Ultimate

Version 1.1.7 
(December 18)
- Quests can only be started at or after level 30.
- Houses can be bought now after level 100.

- Fixed a bug where Councils, X-valars, and Valars could use the wand against Morgoth.
- Added an experience bar to the game so people can find out how close they are to their next level, without
  opening examine diagrams.
- Added Real Estate, raiding and buying houses and other real estate.

Version 1.1.6 
(December 14)
- Made it so experimentos who are less than level 5 and who attack a player will never get first hit, because
  this was abused to kill very high levels using a level 0's All or Nothing.

- Changed age for each degeneration from 900 to 750 age to make the game a bit more of a challenge.
- Changed Maximum King Bestow from 1 million gold to 20000 gold. This will cover a huge loophole where
  people could make many backups of level 5+ with 200, 000 shields. The game will be a lot more of a
  challenge now.

- Fixed a few spelling mistakes.

Version 1.1.5 
(November 24 - December 9)
- Added life scrolls for Evolutionists, but these can only be obtained when the evolutionist has 0 lives.
- Re-added the IT combat warning message removed with the last change and it is now fixed.
- Removed the "The square you're moving into is currently occupied by another player. Do you still wish to
  move there?" warning message temporarily as it caused 95% of the sockets on Phantasia Ultimate. This
  may be replaced in the future.

- Made merchant less stingy, as he only calls people thieves up to level 5 now.
- Added a back catch to the restore command for valars. Now 5% of the time a valar restores a player they
  get a degeneration.

- Added a back catch to the banish command for valars. Now 10% of the time a valar banishes a player they
  will be auto-banished themselves. This is to prevent one valar just banishing everyone.

- Changed taxes on nobility. Stewards now have a maximum coffer of 80000 gold which was originally 40000
  gold. Also stewards can now get a maximum donation of 2000 gold at once where as before it was 1000
  gold at once. Kings now have a maximum coffer of 5 million gold which was originally 2 million gold and
  maximum donations are now 50000 instead of 20000 gold.

- Remove the Network number in the layout for the information on players screen so that multiples aliases
  are more effective.

- Changed Quest #6, instead of a staff or crown, James now wants a ring as well as the palantir and gems.
- Kings can now also get "The One Ring".
- Adjusted charm blockage against monsters in the Evolution Realm, because size 2 there (size 10000) in
  normal realm were using only 4 charms to be blocked.
- Fixed Leanan's sap strength and Vortex's sap mana in the Evolution Realm, it was very low because it was
  not multiplied by 5000.
- Fixed bug with Valar, King commands where it would allow you to move after you clicked their power
  button, and then it would suicide you as valar but it would ban you and crash game as King.
- Fixed bug where Orc had a special attack against a Halfling.
- Added the Thieves' mugging option instead of nick for IT combat.
- Made channel 7, a role-playing channel.

Version 1.1.4 
(October 28 - November 15)
- Adjusted the treasure values in the Evolution Realm.
- Added special things for Saiyan Races:
        - 1% of the time, Saiyans are brought back to life by their pride. Thanks to Hackakil for this idea.
        - 1% of the time a Saiyan meets a monster, the monster doubles its strength and brains for that
Thanks to Hackakil for this idea.
        - At a special level, Saiyans ascend to become Super Saiyans.
- 4 new classes created: Saiyan, Ent, Necromancer, and Archer.

- Fixed a quest bug where Quest 16 wanted Quest 14 to be activated and also fixed a Quest bug where the
  Tax collector wanted the person to tax Gwaihir.
- Fixed a bug where mana boosters gave out too much mana because I accidentally coded it for the evolution
  realm but didn't specify it in the code.

- Fixed the Inter-terminal Combat bugs where blessing and wizard level did not affect who went first.
- Fixed a lot of Evolution Realm bugs
             - Made it so people could no longer get teleport backfires there, because it sent them too far.
             - Adjusted the Treasure values in comparison to the strength of the monsters there.
             - Adjusted posts so that in the evolution realm it increments like the normal realm, so first one is
               at +/- 100,000,100 as both x and y coords, and second is 100,000,400 and so on.
             - Fixed a bug where monster's speed in there was multiplied by 5000.
             - Fixed a bug where A Chameleon did not take any monster forms.
             - Fixed a bug where 1 charm overtook a size 1 (normal size 5000) monster.
             - Fixed a bug with the amulet of Stardom which made people who didn't have it, stranded in the
               edge when they teleported to the edge.

Version 1.1.3 
(October 18 - October 25)
- Fixed a lot of Evolution Realm bugs
- Added the Evolution realm which is a new island as an addition past the Edge of the Realm, which is only
  accessible when possessing the Amulet of Stardom. People who go here never return, and cannot affect
  people on either sides of the realms. Maximum old age level here is 1 million - 10 * degenerations. People
  who go here become Evolutionists with the suffix E on their name. Starts with Size 1, but has huge monster
- Made it so gold and gems are now found anywhere in the game.
- Fixed Quest #15 bug where Gondor and Rohan guards were showing up everywhere instead of just Gondor
  and Rohan.
- Fixed a bug where person could not fight monster due to greed if they didn't drop gold. Also fixed a bug
  where dropping all gold and gems did not show the monster popup line.
- Max king bestow is now 1 million gold at a time.
- Quicksilver is now added as people buy it, instead of replacing old quicksilver.
- Added a few more quest options: Drop quest, and Quest Inventory.
- Also fixed a bug where whenever someone clicked on Check Quest, unless they had finished the quest it
  wrote the Quest #5's details.
- Added a new area called "Mines of Moria" for size 10 and 11, The Outer Waste now starts at size 12 and
  ends in size 19.
- Added 20 quests, 16 new and 4 old to make the game more fun to play.

Version 1.1.2 (October 6)
- Changed the Whisper button. Now whispers can be used by typing a message in the text field then clicking
  on whisper. As soon as you rest you will get option on who to send it to.
- Changed the IT combat structure. Apprentices/Wizards always get first in combat, this is to prevent pking of
  apprentices. If one of the combatants possesses a bless, they always go first unless the other person has
  bless in which case the first attack is randomized.
- Fixed a bug where when someone with staves/crowns got cerbed, the staves/crowns were not removed.

Version 1.1.1 
(September 17 - October 2)
- Fixed a loophole in the greed change where players could just close window to avoid having to drop their
  gold and gems. Now if you close window after getting the option you will get the option as soon as you
  come back on.
- Removed the option for confirmation codes for this was found to be a waste of time and reduced playing
  time while people waited for their emails. From now on when an account is made, you can just login right
  after signing up. Any account which was not confirmed and was signed up before today can just be logged
  in to and it will not ask for the confirmation code.
- Morgoth is the only monster that drops Council Trove scrolls, and he no longer gives size 9 treasure
  because of this. His treasure is type 0 which is nothing.
- Added the Wand completely, it is now able to be used in combat to yield all spells, and also it is more
  accurate than the palantir and can be used instead of it to look for grail or corpses. Also there is a wand
  graphic which was added to the status panel and also a wand lookup which was added to the examine
  dialog. Wand also increases the damage mana bolt does.
- Tampered a bit with Whisper's code to reduce crashes due to it by 90%.
- Fixed a bug with Whisper which forced the game to do a core meltdown after 30 seconds if the whisper
- Made it so Valars could no longer relocate a person who is in or past PONR anywhere.
- Fixed a bug where when a King bestowed gold it was not removed but the person who it was sent was also
  given the gold. Thanks to Nightmare for reporting this bug.
- Redid the Ring and Bless picture so now all the pictures on this site are created by Phantasia Ultimate.
- Created a good new structure for whisper. Whispers also now appears on the players chat screen.
- Changed the remaining applet pictures that were not changed a few days ago and now only the old Blessing
  picture resides from the old Phantasia v4.
- Changed the name of one of the starting places from Mordor to Rivendell. This is to follow closer to the
   LOTR theme where Mordor consisted of the Plateau of Gorgoroth and Moint Doom. On the other hand
   Rivendell is an elf village under the leadership of the great Elrond.

Version 1.1 
(August 28 - September 16)
- Changed the structure of Whispers and Invites so now they do not crash if the person leaves. Also the
   buttons only appear for them if you are not muted.
- Fixed a loophole where no charms were required to kill a size 1 Dark Lord.
- Changed a lot of the Applet pictures and also added 3 new policies.
- Added the Invite feature. You can now invite your friends to the channel you are on whenever you are not in
  a battle.
- Added some code so now when blind when a Moron talks it says "A Monster Says" instead of "A Moron
- Switched a few more powers around. Bless has been given to Council and Blind has been given to the
  Oracle. Valars now have a new command called Banish.
- Changed the life distribution to Power Classes. Oracle still gets 1 life, but Council gets 3 and Valar gets 5.
- Switched Powers around. Made a new command called Gem Zap which turns all the opponents gems into
  gold and gave this power to the valar. Gave the old degenerate power to the Council and in turn gave the
  Curse ability to the Oracle.
- Also added the in between power for level 2000 - 3000 of the Oracle which was suggested to be by
- Added an option to King and Steward so that when you collect taxes where it shows you how much there is
  and then asks you if you want to collect all the taxes.
- Fixed a bug where combat could cause Fatigue loops where the game continually running it without
  removing the characters from play due to the fatigue.
- Added 5 New Spells: Mortar, More Luck, Strength Sap, Reduce Speed, and Scare. Read the spells help
  page for more information on these spells.
- Changed the Centaur's sword breaking from 4 per size to 2 per size for he was getting too powerful.
- Added the buttons Teleport for The Dark Lord and All Or Nothing for the Mimics. Mimics now retaliate when
  you cast All or Nothing on them and if it fails.
- Added the gender to the message proclaim when any type of player logs on.
- Fixed a bug where the player needed half the charms of the size to overthrow The Dark Lord, but only lost a
  portion of it depending on class.
- Added Warn as an apprentice capability again and removed Clear Smurf.
- Added King Bestow so now King's can now bestow from 1 to 20000 gold pieces.
- Did a complete rewrite of the game with all the previous changes i made. Also did the below changes:
     - The Dark Lord does not steal your bless if you have killed a Morgoth within 500 age.
     - Apprentice's Warn has been swapped with Reprimand.
     - Apprentices can now un-tag.
     - Filter Now works, and can be accessed using Information -> Chat Options -> Filter
     - Added the bridge death event for the gorge of eternil peril.
     - Modified a bit of the treasure messages.
     - Fixed a lot of segmentation faults which occured so now game's crashing has been reduced by 98%

Version 1.0.3 
(August 12 - August 27)
- Changed Morgoth's statistics so that he is easier now until you approach level 15000.
- Changed the level caps. For valars the level cap is 20000 - 10 * Degenerations and for others it is 15000 -
  10 * degenerations.
- Changed the amount of sin that councils/ex-valars received for using the spells "Oust" and "Curse" from 0.0
  sin to 0.5 sin and 1.0 sin respectively.
- Fixed the last King Dethrone bug where it would not remove the K beside the name after the king dies and
  loses his throne.
- Added a special attack for Centaur. He can now break swords, or reduce them with his kick. Beware.
- Fully fixed the valar pass bug where if a council or ex-valar got the grail while the valar was online the new
  character would have valar for a few seconds before it being given back to the old valar.
- Fixed a bug with King Dethrone where it did not dethrone the knight if the king went past the king's max
- Changed the Scoreboard minimum level so now only level 60 and above go on it.
- Fixed a bug in King Dethrone where it would not properly dethrone you if you lost kingship because you
  were past the king's max level.
- Added new Chat Option so that Players on channel 8 can choose whether they wish to hear channel 1 or
- Morgoths Treasure Type has been changed to 9, to help councils get more gems and other useful stuff. This
  is also to fix the loophole where a valar could make an instant council. But those who did get to keep the
  characters they made from this.
- Gurus now give charms pending on the circle size that the character was out on, the farther you go the
  more you get. All classes but Thieves, Giants and Dwarves receive this.
- Changed it so that Wizards no longer receive whispers from anyone.
- Made it so Cerberus is now scared of Thieves and now runs from battle from a Thief when it gets the
- Fixed loophole where if you closed applet in cracks while in battle it would only increase the treasure size
  and not the monster size. This has been fixed and now the monster stats are rerolled once you come back
  into Purgatory.
- Fixed bug where when a valar summoned a monster it said "Hurls a Modnar" instead of "Hurls a Morgoth"
  to the receiving player.
- Thieves now start off with the ability to Cloak.
- Removed the ability to All or Nothing a mimic. This closes a loophole where the valar easily got huge levels
  made. Yet for those who gained from this loophole nothing is done for it seemed like part of the game and
  was done on Phantasia 4 a lot as well.
- Incorporated whisper and made it so that muted players cannot whisper messages. Also whisper has been
  modified a bit after it was released and now it says the sender's name in front of the messenger.
- Made dud bolts less often and also less deadly. Dud bolts now do 50-99% as much damage as normal
  ones, and also a super bolt has been added where the damage done is 101 - 250% and also a mana
  return. If one occurs to you which is about one in a few hundred bolts when you are a low level you will get
  a message, telling you if you messed up the incantation or if you drew on your magic to cast a super bolt.
- Fixed bug where Jabberwocks were summoning Owlbears and Bears as friends instead of Jub-Jub birds and
- Removed the ability to teleport The Dark Lord. This is to cover for a loophole where you could just teleport
  The Dark Lord without fail, and get its treasure.
- New death event, called Spontaneous combustion, so do not mess with the wizards or you may find
  yourself on fire.
- New change where if the game crashes, it will have saved all of the character's information.
- Fixed bug where whenever Cerberus was called, it instead called a Modnar. Part of the problem with the
  new monsters.
- Added Charms to the 2500, 2500 post so now they can be bought for 2000 gp each there.
- Fixed bug where Gnolls were smurfing characters. Part of the problem with the new monsters.
- Changed Charm size usage for Dark Lord so now each race uses 0.5 charms per size for The Dark Lord.
  This was to prevent a loophole where giants only used 1 charm per 10 sizes to kill a Dark Lord.
- Rearranged the buttons of the post so only if you are on the 2500 post, Leave is on the 4th button.
- Valars now die of old age at level 15000.
- Added 4 new monsters. Scorpion, Cricket, Bear and Centaur. The Centaur idea was given to me by
- Changed scoreboard stats so that characters under lvl 100 only last for 30 days. This value used to be
  characters under lvl 1000 lasted for 30 days on scoreboard. Anything higher than 100 now stays on the
  scoreboard permanently.
- Swords power has been increased from 4% strength to 6% strength.
- A degenerate now occurs every 900 age instead of 750 age.
- The greed change which was to allow people to drop all their gold and gems if they meet a monster before
  going into battle with 0 speed cause of greed now works.
- Plague has been reintroduced, since the anti plague removation period has expired.
- Succumbing to the dark side now goes on the scoreboard.
- Fixed bug where the game got crashed if the valar pressed cancel to both summon questions.

Version 1.0.2 
(August 06 - August 10)

- Valars can now summon monsters, beware vala, don't make your valar mad.
- Fixed a bug where if a council or ex-valar got valar, and the current valar was on. They wouldn't just lose it
  the second they got it.
- Fixed a bug where if you had no staff and went to 0, 0 it would crash game.
- Fixed a bug where when stewards bestowed to a character the character would always get teleported if it
  evaded until it logged off and came back. Now instead as soon as you get bestowed to the character gets
  saved and quits game.
- Stewards can be steward up to level 500 and a player can gain up to 5 staffs in their inventory at one time.
- Characters may now purchase gems at 5000 gp a piece from the Plateau of Gorgoroth's post.
- Experimentos can now only be created from 50 to 2000 away from 0,0. This is to prevent crashing of the
  game by sending experimentos to 0,0.
- Merchants no longer teleport you when they cheat you.
- After a couple of complaints, Treebeard is now changed from the Owl back to Ent.
- Dwarfs now get the message to pick up gold instead of stoop down to pick up gold.
- Another class has been released. The Giant Class which the idea was given to me by Gildor. This new class
  is a super fighter but is super stupid at brains and magic.
- The marshes restriction has been lifted for teleport, and the Chat Options bar will soon work properly.

- New class called Thief, they have tax immunity but they risk more of a chance of getting busted earlier on
  by merchants.

- Halflings now have their own place at size 1, called Farthing. This is where the shire is traditionally located.

Version 1.0.1 (June 14 - July 10)
- You can now take long strides like you could before December 2001 on Phantasia 4, and also the Marshes,
  Plateau and Cracks slowing down on movement is now removed as well.
- Councils now have the Curse and Oust Command at their disposal.

- Changed Saruman's base health to 2000 per size from 1500 and also lowered Leanan's speed
  by 1 point. Also Mages have add their speed increased by 1, and so have dwarves.
- Fixed bug where evade caused the relocation of a character to the Edge of the Realm.
- Changed Valar relocate now that wizards can relocate characters into PONR and also now normal valars
  can relocate people in between PONR and Edge to anywhere between those coordinates, whether it be
  starting of PONR or the last post at Edge.
- Fully fixed display bug so when you logoff your stats are removed from the bars.
- Fixed the bug where if all mana was used against a monster, then no mana would be removed.
- Changed Scoreboard Lowest Level to 50 from 100. 

- Removed Plague temporarily as it is the major contributor to the nan bug. 

- Fixed bug where when a valar died and got dethroned to ex-valar, and energy was at the minus energy at
  the valars death. Now it is restored like it is when you die on a council. 
- Fixed bug where signing on made display show level 0 although character was a higher lvl. 
- Changed "A Water Leaper" into "A Hydro Drone". 
- Now medics cure poison or blind 25% of the time out of their own kindness. 

- Bless has now been made to work perfectly whether the user has sin or not.

- Treasure messages have been changed.
- Monster and IT Combat messages have also been changed.
- Mana, Experience and Coordinates now have been made fixes, so that if players end up in nan, they will be
  auto brought back. The not a number bug still may exist and we will try to find ways to remove it