by Samuel Tharmaratnam


Combat will occur when you either encounter a monster or another player.

A player has the below options while in combat:

- Inflicts damage on the monster, and it is based upon strength. Also decreases the monster's strength a bit.
Special 2nd Attack
- Each class has its own special attack.
- Casts one of the 15 combat spells.
- If the player has a sword, it will hit the monster one plus the player's sword, and gives the player 10% of
  the monster's experience. Decreases the monster's experience an amount proportional to the amount
  granted. This also increases the monster's speed. Paralyzed monsters wake up very quickly when nicked.
  Nick in IT combat will take 10% of the opponent's experience but it will only give a tiny fraction of that to the
Note in IT combat for thieves, Nick becomes Mug so Thieves can steal gold.
- Fighting for too long makes a character fatigued and lose speed. Rest to restore speed and energy.
  However, monsters will get a free attack while you are doing so. Unfortunately rest is not allowed in IT
- This is a battle of wits with the monster. Success is based upon the player's and the monster's brains. The
  player gets credit for slaying the monster if he/she succeeds. Otherwise, nothing happens, and the chance
  to luckout is lost. Luckout may not be used in Purgatory.
- An attempt to run away. Success is based upon both the player's and the monster's brains and quickness.

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