by Samuel Tharmaratnam


A player may become a king or queen by attaining a crown. A crown can only be attained by throwing the One Ring into a volcano in the Cracks of Doom. All volcanoes are guarded by some of the most feared monsters in the realm. A player is crowned by going to their castle(+/- 150, +/- 150) with a crown. A newly crowned king will replace the steward and kick him or her out of the throne at the castle(+/- 150, +/- 150) if necessary. Players must have a level in the range of 1000 to 2000 to be able to find a crown. When a player with one or more crowns reaches level 2000, they are converted to gold and each is turned into 5000 gp. The only other way the throne may be lost is if another player uses a crown (not staff) -- a former king will always re-assume the throne upon entry, at the expense of any stewards.  There may be up to 1 king of each realm at a time so therefore there may be 4 kings on at once.

Once a player is king or queen, he or she gains the ability to avoid death (at the cost of losing the throne). He or she may also do certain things while in their castle. These are exercised with the decree option at the main command screen. Kings may only inflict their powers to affect players on their side of the realm.

- This transports other player like the steward's "transport", but is much more powerful and cannot be
  stopped even with charms.
- Similar to the steward's "curse" but more powerful. Targets lose more energy, some of it permanently,
  take two points of poison and get knocked out of a cloak. It can not be blocked even with charms.
- The king or queen can heal energy and reduce poison by half with this power, beware for kings gain the
  half of the poison they cure, that way it isn't abused.
Collect Taxes
- Everyone pays a tax on all the gold acquired, regardless of the existence of a steward, king or queen. The
  tax rate is lower for higher level characters. A king collects the accrued taxes with this option. Beware for
  each tax collection gives 0.25 sin. Kings can check the amount in taxes before collecting it.
- The king or queen can knight another player which gives bonuses to energy and speed. The benefits last as
  long as the player has the title which can be lost by either party leaving the game or by someone else being
  knighted, or if the king loses throne by either dying once or being dethroned by another

- Sends a friendly tax collector to collect taxes from another player. Gives 0.5 sin and will not work against
  level 3000s and higher because they are immune to tax collectors.


- Sends a friendly sum of money to anyone who the king chooses in the realm. Max bestow is 20 thousand
  gold at a time.


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