by Samuel Tharmaratnam

Policy about Other Phantasia Realms

Due to some problems that have arisen in the past involving Other Phantasia Realms I hereby proclaim the following policy:

1. Some Phantasia games boost but not Phantasia Ultimate and remember asking for boosts will result in a
    Mute/Ban with no warnings.

2. This is neutral ground. Do not come to our chat to talk about other Phantasia realms on here for we are tired of seeing arguments of " Unimportance " towards our cause. If you do you get a Mute/Ban for a certain period after your first warning.

3. Apprentice and Wizard positions are not handouts like in some other Phantasia games. Begging and asking
    for any position is prohibited. You may be able to get it easier in some games but not here. The wizards
    must deem you worthy not yourself deeming yourself worthy. Failure to result to this can result in a
    Mute/Ban for any period of time.

Link, Supreme Game Wizard