by Samuel Tharmaratnam

The Realm

The realm is a massive Cartesian system and all objects reside at some point on this plane, except for Valhalla which is inaccessible unless you are a wizard. Certain regions of the playing grid have different names. The point of this is only to give the player some idea of his or her present location. 


- The realm is broken up in circles, each one with a different radius from the origin. This distinction is made because a monster's size is equal to the circle it was encountered in.

Trading Posts

- These are located at certain coordinates. In order to find a post, take any integer and square it, then multiply it by 100. The post will be at that coordinate number. For example: 1*1*100 = 100, so a post is at (+/- 100, +/- 100). 2*2*100 = 400, so another post is at (+/- 400, +/- 400). Then there are posts at 900, 1600, 2500 ... and so on. Although in the evolution realm, those above values are added to 100 million. Trading posts sell equipment for large quantities of gems and gold. Farther out posts have more things for sale. Be careful about cheating the merchants, as they have short tempers. Merchants are dishonest about 2% of the time.


- The castles are located at (+/- 150, +/- 150). Players who belong to that realm may enter. If they possess a
  staff or a crown they may enter its throne. This place is a safe haven from IT combat.


- Sanctuaries are located at +/- 50, +/- 50. This place is a save haven for players from monsters and IT

Point of No Return

- This is a large square around the origin. Any time one of your coordinates is equal or greater than
  1,000,000, you will be beyond this point of no return. You cannot teleport out, walk out, nor can a valar
  bring you back from there, so the only way to return is via Gwaihir.
Dead Marshes
- This is a band located a while away from the origin. The first sixteen monsters (all water monsters) can
  normally only be found here.
Plateau of Gorgoroth
- This is surrounded by the Dead Marshes. The monsters here are extremely tough and improve as the
  player improves. Players are warned not to spend too much time in here unless they enjoy taking risks!
  However, there are rumors of a post that sells blessings, charms and gems.... to be located here.
Cracks of Doom
- This mountain is surrounded by the Plateau of Gorgoroth. The monsters here are even tougher than on the
  Plateau and improve as the player improves. The Cracks are the only place in the Realm where Rings of
  Power can be destroyed, a feat necessary to receive a crown (but you must destroy the One Ring to get it).
The Edge of the World
- The end of the normal Realm.
The Evolution Realm

- It is rumored to be out there somewhere as a mystical island, but no one has actually known to have
  returned after seeing it.


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