by Samuel Tharmaratnam

Character Restoration Policy

Due to some problems that have arisen in the past involving restoring characters I hereby proclaim the following policy:

1. You must email within 1 week and include what your statistics were and at
    what time you lost your character or when you realized you lost it and include the date of last play if not
    the same.

2. All restoration requests must include the e-mail name "Restoration of Phantasia Ultimate Character" and in
   the email also specify if you have AOL Instant Messenger or MSN Messenger and what your names are on
   it. Also do not send more than 1 e-mail at a time otherwise it will be ignored and you will not get your
   character back.

3. All the statistics you include must be backed up the game logs in order for them to be reimbursed.

4. Any lying on your part to try and deceive the wizards into giving you a free character will result in a
   Mute/Ban for any period of time.

5. If you continue to bug a wizard/apprentice with your restoration problems you may be muted/banned.

6. Characters that die normally (ie. to monsters, or players or death events like getting vaped or consumed)
   will not be reimbursed.

Link, Supreme Game Wizard