by Samuel Tharmaratnam


A character's abilities are determined by his/her statistics. These attributes change as a player ages or goes up in levels or is enhanced with special treasure like Hercules, or Merlyns, and can be enhanced with equipment found as treasure or bought at trading posts.

Here's a list of the basic character statistics.

Energy - specifies the health points of the character so how much damage a character may take before
              losing their life.

Strength - determines the damage a character will inflict with melee or skirmish.

Quickness (Speed) - A higher speed gives you better chance of winning the first move in combat, if you do
                               not possess a bless. Speed can drop when too much gold is carried or when the
                               character gets fatigue due to lots of fighting without rest.

Magic Level - determines which spells the character may cast and the effectiveness of it.

Brains - The character's intelligence level, which is used to calculate the success of luckout in IT and
             monster combat.

Experience - Experience is directly connected to levels. It is attained by fighting monsters and other
                    characters and it increases as the size increases. Virgins, Hercules, and Pillaging, and Druids
                    also increase experience.

Level - The general rating of a character. Each time a character goes up in levels, most of the other stats
            are improved.

Poison - A type of sickness which decreases a character's energy and strength temporarily (while the poison
              is still there).

Sin - accumulated as a character does certain nasty things. Players with high sin tend to be shunned by
        helpful creatures, at one point they will be turned into a smurf or a dark lord depending on a level.

Age of Player - roughly equivalent to number of turns. As age increases, many personal statistics

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