by Samuel Tharmaratnam


Once upon a time when Middle-Earth was still in its near infancy, Stewards and Kings ruled over their land. Above these rulers was the all mighty Valar Morogoth who was the protector of peace over the realm. He had a son named Morgoth who wanted to be the next valar after his father.
        One day Morogoth's father died in battle with a magic user named Dark Enigma. Morgoth and a monster he created, named The Protector, tried to find this magic user but with no avail. After this he attained valarship by finding the holy grail. Morgoth ravished the power he got, and soon became consumed with holding this power forever, and he became an evil valar. He made a grail which only he could get to make him valar which was only available when there was no other valar.
       He decided to attack councils, valars and ex-valars to protect his valarship from ruin and he also created other 103 monsters to take over the realm and do his command. His first creature, The Protector, he renamed The Dark Lord, whose main purpose was to create rings to consume the weak in heart but mighty in strength into the power of The Dark Lord and Morgoth, and do his bidding by summoning armies to kill the vala.
        You are a bold adventurer and you are on your path to free the realm from Morgoth's rule and restore peace to the Earth. May the force be with you.