by Samuel Tharmaratnam

Welcome to Phantasia Ultimate, the best online role playing game. Enjoy playing as a Mage, Fighter, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Experimento, Thief, Giant, Archer, Ent, Necromancer or Saiyan. Enjoy chatting with others as you play to create your own legacy. Teach those that dare to defy you by killing them in inter-terminal combat. But, overall play the game and have a good time.


None at the Moment.


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Cheap and addictive but very fun. - Vegeta


Dec 12, 2020
Clients were recompiled with Java 1.8.0_271. If you are using any java older the clients may not work. Please check your java version. On windows it would be Java v8 update 271.

March 11, 2012
Readded Whisper and fixed a slight bug in the game source allowing multiple characters of the same name to login. - Link

Feb 13, 2012
Finally rebuilt an experience bar applet, IF you notice any bugs please email me at Also, the whisper button isnt fully functional yet. Will be soon. Added alot of changes to make the game (In my opinion) Identical to the changes Vegeta implemented years ago. Member classes are back. Monk and Swordsman. If you want a membership for PU... then donate some money :p. Uhm, realestate and the quest center is fixed. We are kind of still in beta mode. IF you notice any bugs PLEASE email me about them. We still have a LONG way to go to get to Phantasia Ultimate 2.0 like Vegeta had...but, we will get there. THANKS - Link

October 17, 2003
The old host ( had a huge loophole in their server so we have moved over here. This new server has a 125 mbps connection and has great reliability.

September 23, 2003

The host decided to up and vanish. So we have found this as our new host. So there has been a huge reset. New Apprentices, New Scoreboard, New Host, New Accounts, New Characters.